Welcome to Keio Univ. Fukagata Laboratory!

Fukagata laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Keio University, is a relatively new laboratory, born in 2007.

We perform theoretical, numerical, and experimental studies on flow control and optimization, such as turbulence control (e.g., turbulent friction drag reduction) and suppression of vortex shedding from a body.

Our research is conducted in collaboration with other laboratories.


2020-01-21Out now!Y. Nabae, K. Kawai, and K. Fukagata, "Prediction of drag reduction effect by streamwise traveling wave-like wall deformation in turbulent channel flow at practically high Reynolds numbers," Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 82, 108550 (2020).
2019-12-23Out now!K. Fukami, K. Fukagata, and K. Taira, [SI] Focus in JSFM Annual Meeting 2019: "Applications of a machine-learned super-resolution algorithm to two-dimensional flow fields," Nagare 38, 395-398 (2019). (in Japanese)
2019-12-20Fukagata gave an invited lecture at JSAE Fluids Engineering Committee.
2019-12-192019-12-19KojiFukagata.jpgFukagata received JACM Fellows Award.
2019-12-17191217.jpgNabae (D1), Fukami (M1.5), Uekusa (M1), and Ohashi (M1) made presentations at PRTEC2019 (Maui, Hawaii).
2019-12-062019-12-06Koji_Fukagata.jpgFukagata gave a talk at COMSOL Conference 2019 Tokyo on the integrated course of experiments and CAE started at Dept. of Mech. Eng., Keio Univ., and received the Best Oral Presentation Award.
2019-12-05Fukagata gave an invited lecture at 3rd CAE Workshop - From Supercomputers K to Fugaku, Frontiers in CAE simulation (Tokyo).
2019-11-29191129.jpgMorimoto (B4) and Nakamura (B4) made presentations at 33rd CFD Symposium (Sapporo).
2019-11-25191125.jpgFukagata gave invited talks at UCLA (11/20) and University of Southern California (11/21), and Fukami (M1.5) made a presentation at APS-DFD 2019 (Seattle) (11/25).
2019-11-14191114.jpgFukami (M1.5) received the Best Presentation Award at 17th Inter-Institute Workshop on Turbulence Control (Tokyo).
2019-11-07191107.jpgFukami (M1.5) made a presentation at JSME-FED conference (Toyohashi) and received JSME Fluids Engineering Excellent Presentation Certificate of Merit.
2019-11-06Out now!T. Murata, K. Fukami, and K. Fukagata, "Nonlinear mode decomposition with convolutional neural networks for fluid dynamics," J. Fluid Mech. 882, A13 (2020).
2019-09-25Out now!K. Fukagata, Preface: "Expectation for machine learning in energy industries," J. Gas Turbine Soc. Jpn. 47, 281 (2019) (in Japanese).
2019-09-13190913.jpgFukagata and Fukami (M1.5) gave lectures at JSFM Annual Meeting 2019 (Tokyo).
2019-08-30190830.jpgFukagata gave a plenary lecture at FSSIC 2019 (Crete, Greece).
2019-08-20190820.pngFukagata gave invited lectures at Fluid Mechanics Summer School for Young Researchers (Kyoto).
2019-08-07190807.jpgSummer Research Experience for Keio Highschool Students (wind tunnel experiment) was held.
2019-08-02Fukami (M1.5) made a presentation at TSFP11 (Southampton).
2019-07-31190731.jpgHirokawa (M2), Murata (M2), Uekusa (M1), Ohashi (M1), Hasegawa (M1), and Nakazawa (Alumni) made presentations at AJKFluids2019 (San Francisco).
2019-07-25Fukagata gave an invited lecture at Visualization Symposium 2019 (Kyoto).
2019-07-01Out now!K. Eto, Y. Kondo, K. Fukagata, and N. Tokugawa, "Assessment of friction drag reduction on a Clark-Y airfoil by uniform blowing," AIAA J. 57, 2774-2782 (2019).
2019-06-28Fukagata gave a lecture at AIMaP Session in The 65th National Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Sapporo).
2019-06-04Out now!K. Fukami, Y. Nabae, K. Kawai, and K. Fukagata, "Synthetic turbulent inflow generator using machine learning," Phys. Rev. Fluids 4, 064603 (2019).
2019-05-27190527-hirokawa.jpgHirokawa (M2) received the Best Presentation Award at 16th Inter-University Workshop on Turbulence Control (Tokyo).
2019-05-20Fukagata gave an invited lecture at Osaka Univ. MMDS Seminar (Osaka).
2019-05-13190513.jpgFukagata gave invited lectures at COMSOL Days Fluid Seminar (April 4 and May 13, Tokyo).
2019-05-07Out now!K. Fukami, K. Fukagata, and K. Taira, "Super-resolution reconstruction of turbulent flows with machine learning," J. Fluid Mech. 870, 106-120 (2019).
2019-04-25190425.jpgFukagata gave an invited lecture at Gender equality session in The Japan Institute of Light Metals Spring Meeting (Toyama).
2019-04-25Out now!K. Hasegawa, T. Murata, K. Fukami, and K. Fukagata, [SI] Focus in CFD32: "Prediction of the Reynolds number dependency of flow around a circular cylinder using machine learning," Nagare 38, 81-84 (2019). (in Japanese)
2019-04-18190418-naito.jpgNaito (Alumni, currently at Tokyo Tech.) received JSME Young Engineers Award.
Fukagata has been appointed to the Chair of Center of Applied and Computational Mechanics and a Director of The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics (JSFM).

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