Welcome to Keio Univ. Fukagata Laboratory!

Fukagata laboratory (Thermo-Fluid Flow Control Lab.), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Keio University, is a relatively new laboratory, born in 2007.

We perform theoretical, numerical, and experimental studies on flow control and optimization, such as turbulence control (e.g., turbulent friction drag reduction) and suppression of vortex shedding from a body.

Our research is conducted in collaboration with other laboratories.


2018-08-02180802.jpg"Summer research experience for Keio highschool students" (wind tunnel experiment) was held.
2018-07-31Out now!T. Mitsumoji, M. Ikeda, T. Sueki, T. Usuda, and K. Fukagata, "Reducing aerodynamic noise from pantographs,"RRR 75, 16-19 (2018) (in Japanese).
2018-07-26Out now!H. Kor, M. Badri Ghomizad, and K. Fukagata, "Extension of the unified interpolation stencil for immersed boundary method for moving boundary problems," J. Fluid Sci. Technol. 13, JFST0008 (2018).
2018-07-25180725.jpgIwasa (M2) made a presentation at WCCM 2018 (New York).
2018-07-18watanabe-fdr17.jpgOur paper on superhydrophobic surface (Watanabe et al., 2017) has been selected as Highlights of 2017 of Fluid Dyn. Res.
2018-06-26180626.jpgEto (M2) made a presentation at AIAA Aviation Forum (Atlanta).
2018-06-23mov_CaseB_u\'.gifAnimations on machine-learned inflow turbulence generators (K. Fukami, K. Kawai, and K. Fukagata, "A synthetic turbulent inflow generator using machine learning," arXiv:1806.08903 [physics.flu-dyn]) has been uploaded.
2018-06-09180609.jpgFukagata gave a visiting lecture at Tokyo Metropolitan Nishi High School.
2018-06-06Out now!K. Date, K. Fukagata, and T. Ishigure, "Core position alignment in polymer optical waveguides fabricated using the Mosquito method," Opt. Express 26, 15632-15641 (2018).
2018-04-09Out now!W. Hua and K. Fukagata, "Influence of grid resolution in fluid-model simulation of nanosecond dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator," AIP Advances 8, 045209 (2018).
2018-04-02whiteKAKENHIlogoS_jp.jpgJSPS KAKENHI Project "Construction of feature extraction method of turbulence big data using machine learning" has started!
2018-04-02ted-nl.jpgConference report of The Ninth JSME-KSME Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference (JSME-KSME TFEC9, Okinawa) has appeared on JSME-TED Newsletter, April 2018.
2018-03-30002.gifYonemichi (M1)'s presentation at JSME-KSME TFEC9 Okinawa (collaborative work with Prof. Okuda's group) has been introduced on JSME-FED Newsletter, March 2018 Issue.
2018-03-28180328.jpgNakashima (M2) got the JSAE Graduate School Research Award.
2018-03-27Fukagata gave a talk at US-Japan Workshop on Bridging Fluid Mechanics and Data Science (Tokyo).
2018-03-26180326-fukami.jpgFukami (B4) got The Best Bachelor Thesis Presentation Award from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Keio University.
2018-03-26180326-morita.jpgMorita (B4) got the JSME Hatakeyama Award.
2018-03-16Fukagata gave an invited talk at Workshop on Active Drag Reduction (Aachen).
2017-03-16Fukami (B4), Hirokawa (B4), Murata (B4), and Yamasaki (B4) made presentations at JSME Kanto Student Union Conference.
2018-01-23180123.jpgFukami (B4) got the Best Presentation Award (BPA) at 12th Workshop on Turbulence Control (Tokyo).

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